Manual Spray Gun  


High process reliability
The gun body is integral that is highly reliabl, even under the roughest of production conditions.
Perfect coating results
The reduced material pressure creates an extremely soft spraying pattern.
The MAC2010 is impressively low-weight as well at only 450g


Max. material pressure 160bar, 2321psi
Material connection inlet 1/4”pt
Material temperature 55℃,131.0℉.
Air inlet pressure

0,0-0.8 MPa,0,0-8,0 bar,

Air inlet connection 1/4”pt
Operating temperature 5-40℃, 41.0-104. 0℉
Weight 0.45kgs
Max. sound level 82 dB(A)
Length 150mm , 5.9in
Height 200mm , 7.8in

Designing a gun with optimal ergonomics for a wide range of different users.
The gun is lighter and requires less trigger, making it even easier to handle and reducing fatigue during operation.