Automatic LVLP Spray Gun      


  • Paint transfer efficiency up to 78%.
  • Low pressure and low air volume is to minimize the loss of the coating, and enhances the  coating efficiency.
  • The spray nozzle is precisely process. Only 11cm spraying distance can reach a superfine atomizing. Thus the nozzle can spray a smooth coating film. Quality is upgraded. Defective ratio is reduced.
  • Micro-adjusted paint output saves paint waste, and upgrades coating quality.
  • The spray range is evenly distributed with less color difference.
  • Compact size, light weight, operation simple and service easy


Applications: precious coating for 3C industry、coating for plastic industry, wooden furniture industry, car and motorcycle industries as well as metal industry.


Nozzle Size 0.8
Inlet of Fluid (mm) 6×8
Air Inlet (mm) 4×6 / 6×8
Atomizing Air (Mpa)


Needle Valve Pressure (Mpa) 0.4
Air Consumption (NI/min) 100~200
Pattern Width (mm) 30~100
Spray Distance (mm) 100~120
Fluid Output (cc/min) 30~60
Weight (g) 580

An air-operated auto spray gun under ergonomic and friendly design Hight effcient spray gun with low pressure,low air volume and superfine atomizing.