Convenient workpiece loading and unloading:
The horizontal intermittent continuous circulation conveyor provides convenient workpicec loadingandUnloading


Chainless conveyor:
In addition to power transmission, the machine employs chainless conveyors featuring smooth and vibration free running performance. No elongation or difficult maintenance problems that usually occur on a conventional chain conveyor.


Solid support for large workpieces:
The fixed type workpiece loader is ruggedly constructed, making it possible to coat large workpieces such as table tops, cabinets, etc.


High quality coating:
Specially designed infrared drying system. The drying chamber features dust free air inlets. High coating quality is ensured.


Extremely smooth coating operation:
Various speed coating head, anti-explosion motor, and chain drive reciprocating mechanism provide extremely smooth operation and numerical management.


Convenient adjustment of coating distance:
The coating head is power elevated. When working on workpieces of various thicknesses, simply press a button to adjust the coating distance without adjusting the spray gun.


Coating range setting:
The coating range can be set on the control paned for saving paint and time.
Mist washing air blower is available upon request.
Standard equipped with AA coating system and high pressure paint pump. A bell electrostatic coating system can be supplied upon request.