Hight polymer belt conveyer with paint recycle device.


Auto cleaning device for transfer conveyer.


PLC control panel.


Touch Screen for setting working data.


Product sensor painting gun control.

6. Air Make-up unit for booth air balance.

Loading conveyer and out going transfer conveyer is easy to disassemble for saving packing volume.


Automatic Moulding Painting Machine::

Model MD-300D-4s MD-300D-6S MD-300D-4A2S
Control Unit Screen + PLC Screen + PLC Screen + PLC
Max.Working Size H90*W290*L mm H90*W290*L mm H90*W290*L mm
Min.Working Size 550mm 550mm


Feeding Speed 15~30m/min 15~30m/min 15~30m/min
Conveyer Loading   Belt
Spraying  Roller
Out Going Belt
Loading   Belt
Spraying  Roller
Out Going Belt
Loading   Belt
Spraying  Roller
Out Going Belt
Spray Gun Air Spray Gun*4pcs Air Spray Gun*6pcs Airmix Gun*4pcs
Air Spray Gun*2pcs
Paint Pump 1:1 Diaphragm Pump*1 set 1:1 Diaphragm Pump*1 set Piston Pump*1set
1:1 Diaphragm Pump*1 set
Exhaust fume
Filter Filter Filter
Air lnlet Nature Air Nature Air Nature Air
Air Consumption 1120LPM 1680LPM 900LPM

Extra Option::

NO Description Model
1 Air Make-up Unit AMU-300
2 Hight Polymer Belt Conveyer With Paint Recycle PR-300
3 Belt Cleaning Device For Out Gonig TransferC/V BCD-300


profiles,picture frames,valances, match-boardings, door and window parts.