Minimum maintenance:
The machine employs a hardened steel chain conveyor and anti-friction mechanism and parts.
They provide long service life and low trouble performance, saving considerable maintenance costs. 


PLC control:
It provides numerical management 


Automatic turning spraying machine meets environmental protection requirements:
The stainless steel paint rinsing spraying booth and rinsing collection for remaining waste paint keep environmental pollution to a minimum. When requested, a second rinsing removal for dust and odors are available to meet stricter environmental protection requirements. 


Hot air circulation system:
The automatic temperature controlled hot air circulation system is provided on various models. Choice of electrical heating, electromagnetic heating, or steam heating exchange. 


Adjustable spray gun connector:
Permits for painting products with various profiles. 


The machine can be fitted with continuous delivery, tracing spraying device, or synchronized spray, upgrading working efficiency and the service life of the machin.